My Happy Ending #6 - Encik Bones



 Before Dulu

 Now Sekarang
1         Cat/Dogs Name
Nama kucing/anjing
2         Cat/Dogs Caretaker Name
Nama Penjaga kucing/anjing
3         Location Rescued
Lokasi Diselamatkan
Kedai satay Penanti, Penang
4         Date Rescued
Tarikh Diselamatkan
Sept 2011
5         Cat/Dogs Condition when rescued
Keadaan kucing/anjing semasa diselamatkan
Umur xberapa sure, tapi masa dijupai dalam keadaan tulang kaki belakang terkeluar dr isi. Tulang kaki patah, luka masih berdarah. Xsure juga sebab apa maybe kena langgar. Dok jilat2 kaki dia yg patah tu.
6         Cat/Dogs Character
Sifat Kucing/Anjing
Kuat makan!survivor! J
7         How my cat/dog got his/her name
Macam mana  kucing/anjing mendapat namanya?
Satu sbb dijupai dlm keadaan Nampak tulang,  dua, mami dia suka tgk cerita Bones kat tivi, so nk bg glam ckit mami dia namakan dia Bones instead of tulang J
8         My cat/dog condition now is.
Keadaan kucing/anjing saya sekarang .
Spayed.Sehat walafiat!gemok! maybe obes!kuat mkn!gentle dengan baby and the rest of my other cats.
9         Why I chose to spay/neuter my cat/dog
Mengapa saya memilih untuk memandulkan Kucing/anjing saya
Simple! Kasih cyg sy utk kucing sy based on quality bukan quantity. J

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SCRATCH's main mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and abused cats and to find as many of them as possible new homes with loving owners once they have been treated/nursed back to health and spayed/neutered (aka speutered).

We realize that we cannot always be successful in finding homes for all of the cats that need one, so an associated goal is to minimize the stray cat population by capturing, speutering, releasing and managing those that we cannot find homes for.

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