Pope Francis To Every Person On Earth: Be Kind To Animals


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A refreshing humility and willingness to speak out on key areas of concern has become the hallmark of Pope Francis — who in 2013 took the name of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. So it’s no surprise that in his recent encyclical (one of the Church’s most authoritative teaching documents — addressed to the World’s billion-odd Catholics) the Pope has called on his followers to be more compassionate. But he has done more than that.

In recognising that our treatment of animals and the environment reflects our treatment of each other, he is using his position to appeal for change beyond the influence of the Church: “I wish to address every person on this planet.”

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Pope Francis further suggests that our treatment of animals not only impacts our relationship with others — it is a reflection on ourselves. And that our care for the environment is also intimately connected to our care for each other — and we are failing miserably at both.

When it comes to the world’s #1 cause of cruelty — factory farming — this observation couldn’t be more on-point. A rise in awareness and concern for animals is driving a global consumer movement that is already starting to force profound changes for animals.

Although animal-abusing industries have developed ever-crueller systems to confine and exploit animals, the rise in public awareness and the rate of positive change has also never been greaterMajor retailersglobal food giants and fast food companies are all being forced to respond.

We may have unwittingly inherited a paradigm of animal exploitation that treats living beings like commodities. We may be stuck with political leaders who prioritise economic growth at all costs. But clearly, compassionate citizens, and now the Western world’s most influential religious figure, are united in calling for much needed positive change.

We can only pray that those who most need to hear this message — for the animals, and for our own sakes — are ready and willing to listen.

But while we wait for lawmakers to recognise our duty of care to those we share this planet with — regardless of what our political or religious viewpoints might be — one thing we can all agree on is that we can each take steps toward a kinder, more just society, by leading kinder, more compassionate lives.

Amen to that.

Yes, indeed. Amen to that.

It is rare to hear a leader, especially a religious leader, speaking up for the animals. I have total and complete admiration and respect for His Holiness.

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