Special Needs Puppy Requires A Loving Home (Judy Chua Joo Loois)


An update at 9.08am, on Sunday, 5th July 2015: The contact person for this puppy is Lai Yoong and her email address is clyoong@gmail.com. If you are able to help, kindly contact Lai Yoong directly. Thank you.

The original post:

Dear all, If you are able to take in this puppy, please contact Judy Chua through her email below. Judy’s location is Ipoh but the puppy is in KL now. Kindly help forward this link widely, please.  Thank you.

From: judy chua<chuajl@myjaring.net>
Date: Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 1:05 PM
Subject: Rescued pup
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Kah Yein
I was asked by a friend who had been supporting Imm’s shelter if I could take in a one year old pup she rescued just over a week ago.  The pup needs special care as she can no longer use both her hind legs.  Her spine was crushed possibly by an abuser.My friend saw the distressed pup by a bush as she was driving home after work.  She noticed that the pup was not able to move, and she called her vet to come over to take the pup for treatment. The Ipoh vet, suspected that it was a spinal injury and sent the pup to her friend in KL for x-ray and further assessment. The X-ray confirmed the Ipoh vet’s diagnosis.  The KL vet also said that the pup had been spayed.  The pup is eating well, is alert and is able to pee & poo.  She is being boarded at the vet’s clinic in KL pending further instruction from my friend.My friend had hoped that I could take the pup into my home. I would love to but I simply can’t.  I now have 5 dogs at home, with 2 needing special care ..Jazz the 3 legged dog whose skin condition needs daily care , and Victoria who is blind from glaucoma.  I also have 4 cats from the shelter in my home as they need special long term care, plus 7 other cats.  Apart from being mindful of my next door neighbour who is not happy with the dogs and cats, I also do not have the space to take in another dog.

My friend couldn’t help crying when I told her that I’m unable to take in the pup in my home.  The pup needs special care & love in a home envirnment. Taking her into Imm’s shelter is not a good nor viable option. For personal reasons, my friend  is unable to take the pup into her home.

I was also told that the Ipoh vet had rescued a pup with maimed hind legs. She has fitted the pup with a walking aid and the pup is able to move freely and quite happily.

My friend is willing to pay for a walker for the rescued pup to any kind heart who is willing to adopt her, also any vet treatment that’s required  We are hoping that there will be someone out there who will adopt the pup, so that she need not have to be put to sleep.

If you think my appeal is appropriate, it would be great if you can post my message in your blog.

As always, thanks so much for your support.

With fingers & toes crossed

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