Rescue After Rescue (5/5): Teddy


We frequently work with independent caregivers to spay their charges and render needed medical aid, with majority of their charges being street dogs. On this fateful afternoon, we got a call from one of our dedicated caregivers that she had with her a cat with a broken leg. The worker from a factory approached her for help and she kind-heartedly took over the cat. She has been caring for and sterilizing the street dogs in her area for over a decade but is honestly helpless when it comes to cats. We asked her to send the cat direct to the clinic.

Teddy is a ginger and white boy estimated to be only about two years old. The vet diagnosed the cause of his injury as either having fallen from great heights or that he was hit by a heavy object. The latter was more likely given the environment he lived in. Teddy though in pain, was still affectionate and kept meowing for attention. It was a very clean break as advised by the vet, and a metal plate had to be inserted into his left leg to let it heal in place.


Teddy’s surgery has already been performed and a kind fosterer has taken Teddy in to be fostered for six weeks under cage rest. He can already stand but movement has to be restricted. He has also been tested FeLV negative and sterilized at the same time. The clinic staff found him to be a loving boy with no issues in wound cleaning and feeding of medication.


Same like with Thumper (http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.sg/2015/07/rescue-after-rescue-45-thumper.html), Teddy will be up for adoption once he is better! Are you looking for a feline companion? Let Teddy be the one!


With the multiples rescue cases pouring in, our vet bills are at an all high these few months. We appreciate any bit of contribution from each and everyone of you, and also need your sharing to spread the word about adoption for Nugget, Di Di (and siblings), Thumper and Teddy! Please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com if you are able to help in any way, thank you.

Source: http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2015/07/rescue-after-rescu..



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Noah's Ark CARES (Companion Animal Rescue and Education Society) was formed in June 2005. The extended arm of Noah's Ark Lodge - Noah's Ark CARES aim is to reach out to Singaporeans and address the issue of abandoned pets and strays. Working in tandem with AVA and other animal welfare organizations, Noah's Ark CARES has embarked on several community-based projects aimed at re-educating the public and especially young children, our future generation.

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