Happy World Animal Day


What a wonderful world, when we open our eyes to it.

Happy World Animal Day, and may we learn to care and appreciate all precious animal lives!

How about a meat-free meal this weekend to celebrate the beauty and intelligence of our animal friends?

Happy World Animal Day!On October 4, the world comes together to celebrate the protecting of all animals, from companion animals and wildlife to those in captivity in places like labs, zoos and factory farms. World Animal Day also serves as a reminder of the bond we share with animals. Many people spend their lives with a dog or cat and devote their time and love to their care. All animals deserve that same dedication, and raising awareness will help set humane standards for their welfare. Helping animals not only combats cruelty and keeps our planet thriving with diverse life, it connects us together as human beings. No matter where we are, we all have animals who have touched our lives.The beauty and intelligence of animals go far beyond the surface that we have merely touched, and let us learn to further appreciate them and co-exist harmoniously with these precious friends of ours.A good way to show our care and appreciation is by reducing meat consumption. Let’s make friends, not food. Save animals, health, environment and money at http://KindMeal.my.What a wonderful world, when we open our eyes to it.Sources: http://bit.ly/VwFZ5W, http://bit.ly/1FPbQoN

Source: https://www.facebook.com/KindMeal.my/videos/979811155412503/




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