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“Bobby” – does this name ring a bell? Did you ever buy a cute little Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) puppy from a pet shop in north-eastern Singapore many years back, and had the word “dog offer” and “no return” scribbled on your receipt? The little one whom you once loved had his birthday on Valentine’s Day (14th February) and who went home with you when he was slightly over three months old? Even though this little life was only a monetary transaction to the pet shop, you who bought him, have a lifetime responsibility towards him. We do not know what circumstances led you to give him up shortly after, but to a wrong home.

A kind lady J sent us some photos one fateful morning, which did not make us think twice. The rusty cage showed a JRT with skin condition but what was most alarming was, he had a huge growth under his chin and in the background of the photo, we see.. leftover human food and pieces of bread with shredded up and wet newspapers strewn all over. It was by a stroke of luck that J overheard her mum on the phone with an elderly neighbour who lives on a different floor. J has always known that they had a dog but did not know that he lived in such dire conditions, until one day the elderly neighbour mentioned her granddaughter was going to get rid of the dog.

The initial photos sent to us 

J wanted to help to rehome the dog as she has pets herself too, and thus popped by the elderly neighbour’s place to check out the dog. Nothing could prepare her for what she saw and she was literally dumbfounded at the stage of neglect Bobby was in. No one knows for sure how long Bobby has been staying in that smelly and filthy cage as the elderly neighbour’s memory was failing her, but it has been years. There is no one physically capable to care for the dog, as the granddaughter who adopted this dog is frequently not home. J wanted Bobby to leave that place like immediately. After linking up with us, J helped to bring Bobby in to our regular vet.

Poor skin condition

Long and unkempt nails

Bobby is eight years old this year and is surprisingly not in that bad health as expected. He has skin issues – from poor diet and his horrendous living condition, and also from hypothyroidism. A fine needle aspirate was done on the huge growth under his chin but did not yield much result. The growth will be sent for testing after surgery which has been scheduled at the end of the month. The vet will like to let Bobby’s health stabilize first as the growth is not life threatening after all and he is not in pain.

We have been asked if we will lodge a report with the authorities but we have decided against it. It is not because we condone such irresponsible actions which we certainly have zero tolerance for but the elderly neighbour is a 90 year old granny. Her family is rather complicated but it is not for us to judge and comment. The granny is barely able to care for herself and the other occupant in her house who has special needs. And the granny was just too grateful that we could find Bobby another home, as no one else cared and she is too old to do anything.

Bobby is under foster care for now, and we are looking at finding a permanent home for him. He is a cheerful and active boy thankfully not affected by his few years of living in the cage. This is the festive season and we also have a couple of other dogs boarded locally with medical issues as well which we have been caring for. Will you help us with Bobby and friends this Christmas? Do email noahsarkcares@gmail.com if you can give Bobby a home or if you can help with his medical bills. Thank you!

Made himself at home within minutes!

Fosterer kept him within an enclosed area to let him settle in for the first night

Sleeping comfortably!

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