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Photo by @florianschulzvisuals / Polar bears have found a way to thrive in one of the world’s harshest environments. Their lives depend on the cold and the sea ice that forms every year. I photographed this mother and cub as they were resting on the last pieces of sea ice in northern Svalbard. Global warming is now severely impacting the home polar bears, reducing summer sea-ice in an ever-increasing rate. Even a few years ago scientist still talked about an ice-free Arctic ocean at the end of the century – today we see new headlines warning of an ice-free arctic ocean for the first time in 100 000 years already in the coming years. Please fight for our climate, call for a carbon tax. The planet needs it, not just the polar bears! Please follow me @florianschulzvisuals for more images from the wild side of our planet! #polarbears #arctic #savethearctic #wildlife

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