Great News!! Pole Does NOT Need Tooth Extraction!


The first stop today is at the vet’s with Pole.

Today, we got to see the senior vet at the clinic. I explained what had happened in the past week (appetite gradually going off), the pawing of the mouth, the grinding of the teeth and also that the vet on Saturday said Pole had a tooth that needed to be extracted (rotted to the root), but needs to be on medication (steroids, antibiotics, anti-gastric) for 2 weeks before the procedure can be done (preceded by a blood test).

The vet took a look at Pole’s mouth and teeth and said, “You don’t need to do anything for this cat at all.”





Then the vet said we must have done something right from Saturday until today because as of today, everything looks okay.

I said all we did was to give her the prescribed medication and we managed to get her to eat. That’s really all we did.

The vet did, however, use his fingernails to scratch out some tartar. The tartar came off very easily.

This is the tartar.

I asked about the supposed rotten tooth that had rotted to the bone. What about that? The vet said it was actually this tartar. That’s all.

But yes, Pole has gingivitis, but this can heal.

No extraction is needed.

Oh Yay!!

The vet would not put any animal under sedation when it is not necessary.

We then discussed the plans for Pole now. The vet is of the opinion that the steroids is not needed but the antibiotic (Baytril) is. The anti-gastric was prescribed only because of the steroids (steroids can thin out the lining of the stomach and cause gastric problems).

The plans for Pole:

Plan A – Continue half the dose of the Prednisolone for the next 3 days, then stop. Continue Baytril and finish the 16 days’ course.  Do blood work (only for us to know her current readings for the purpose of comparison in the future).

Plan B – Plan A minus blood work.

Plan C – Stop the Prednisolone immediately. Continue Baytril for the 16 days’ course.

For all plans, we have to monitor her weight, check her gums and teeth and monitor her appetite.

So, which plan would we like?

I asked which plan the vet would choose if it were his cat. He said “C”.

So, “C” it is then.


So we would only have to give her the Baytril (quartered, so, so tiny – but she can spit it out) once a day and monitor weight and appetite. I don’t think she would allow us to check her mouth, so we might have to take her to the clinic for these check-ups.

However, if her condition worsens this week, it means she would have to go back on the steroids. But the vet thinks what she needs is actually the Baytril and not the steroids. If that’s true, it’s really good news. Steroids does quite a bit of harm.

Meanwhile, we took photos of Pole’s mouth so that we have a basis for comparison.

Pole as a complete angel at the clinic. She totally allowed the vet to open up her mouth multiple times and scratch out the tartar and the plaque.

Unbelievable, but yes, most cats are total angels at the clinic.

Vets are miracle workers too!

And we are back home with our princess now.

SO happy to know that Pole doesn’t have to go under GA for the tooth extraction!!

If possible, I would like to give Pole the golden paste to help with the inflammation, but that would be an impossible dream, so….

I’ll probably stick to the Baytril, washed down with Vetri DMG.

By the way, the vet remarked that Pole has excellent muscle condition and is in good shape.

Oh yes, we know about the “excellent muscle condition”, don’t we?  She is a model for the female feline!

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2018/09/17/great-news-pole-does-not..




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