The Panther Attacks His “prey”


After staying off a total raw diet for while, I decided to try again this morning.
This is Coco&Joe’s Chicken.

Look at the panther going for his “fresh” prey!

He didn’t finish that humongous amount I offered (of course, of course) but he wanted something else. So, I offered Cubgrub Chicken and yes! He ate it!

Yes, we are back to raw food, which, as his first vet had said, is best for him because of its easily digestibility and good absorption.

And it’s true. I could see from the few times Vincent vomited – there was no raw food in it. There is canned food (cooked), but no raw food. For example, I do remember that yesterday morning, Vincent seemed to be looking longingly as Ginger ate his “kibble dim sum”, so I did place a few kibble on top of Vincent’s canned food.

The kibble all came out (in “expanded” form) in last night’s vomit! None of it was digested at all. There were some shreds of canned food too, but no raw food.

That’s proof enough, as far as digestibility is concerned!

Today, we will be taking Vincent to the vet’s for a check-up, possibly some blood tests (praying for good results, please) and to investigate his soil-eating tendency.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2018/10/03/the-panther-attacks-his-..




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