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Many of you may have heard about a cat which was hit by a car in the KPE tunnel last Friday (11 Jan), and was subsequently saved by an eye-witness who was at the scene. We are glad to know that there are kind people out there who will go the extra mile to save an animal in need! A big thank you to the kind lady and the LTA officers for rescuing the cat.

We understand some may be concerned about the health status of the cat involved. She sustained a forelimb injury and is currently under the care of our veterinary team. She will either be released to the location she was residing in, if the area is found to be suitable and safe, or put up for adoption once she recovers fully from this ordeal.

Link to read the news article: https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/speedoc-co-founder-sees-cat-hit-by-car-in-kpe-tunnel-and-goes-to-great-lengths-to

Here is a list of the animals we currently have up for adoption: http://www.spca.org.sg/services.asp. We update with new animals on a weekly basis, so you may wish to check the webpage every now and then.

For your reference, here is some adoption information: http://www.spca.org.sg/services_adoption_information.asp.

A woman went the distance to help a cat that had gotten hit by a car despite being badly bitten and scratched in the process, only leaving after making sure the animal was in safe hands. Read more at stomp.straitstimes.com

Source: https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/speedoc-co-fou..



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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Singapore) is the first registered animal welfare organisation in Singapore. The two main objectives of SPCA Singapore are: to promote kindness to animals and birds, and to prevent cruelty to animals and birds.

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