These 5 Dogs 3 Males And 2 Females Are Fed By Joea..


These 5 dogs ( 3 males and 2 females ) are fed by Joeann at an industrial are in Shah Alam. They were caught on Tuesday. The factory where they hang around doesn’t want them to be there so they called the local council to get rid of them. Fearing for their safety, we can’t release them to where they were, Joeann is going to send them to a shelter after neutering. It seems like there’s no other choice but to do that but that’s not the right way. Other un-neutered dogs will come into the area and the cycle continues. People who don’t care about or dislike dogs call the local councils to get rid of them, how about dog lovers ?? Are we just going to watch the strays die mercilessly ? What can you do about it ? We urge you to write to the local councils and tell them how cruel the current method is and to adopt a more humane way of solving the stray problems such as TNR or TNRM program. Let your voices be heard. After all , you are taxpayers too.

Thanks so much Joeann for helping them and also for sponsoring all their neutering costs.

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