Tiny , Pete And Mum Update. Tiny Weighed 265 Gms O..


Tiny , Pete and Mum update.

Tiny weighed 265 gms on Saturday May the 25th. He put on 35 gms n weighed 300gms on Monday May the 27th !

Both Pete & him are stronger and could stand upright and started to play with each other .

Dr Bun of Companion Vet and Dr Jenny Ling who specialises in exortic pets and cats recomnended to maintain Tiny on Terramycin n papase and observe how he fares rather than subject the poor soul to pain and suffering of surgery.

There maybe an option of starving out the eyes or surgery when its older n stronger .

Tiny can lead normal life preferably with Pete for familarity and security . Love and some patience to help Tiny gain confidence n HE WILL LIVE AS NORMALLY AS THE SIGHTED .

Our setup has too much obstruction and we hadnt the space and manpower to accommodate Tiny to lead a normal life .

Calling an angel to help give Tiny a chance .

Mum loves her food . We must ensure the kittens are fed well. They are still 10O% sucking . When weaned and rested for a fortnight ; mum will be neutered and ready for adoption 2 weeks after.

Contact 0122070436.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SaveAStrayMalaysia/photos/a.6599867..


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