Ms Gekli , A Most Gracious And Passionate Cat Love..


Ms GekLi , a most gracious and passionate cat lover came to our rescue .

She donated RM1000.00 and sincerely hopes it will cover most of the expenses incurred by the cat flu outbreak brought in by a poorly family of mum and 4 kitties surrendered to us in October , 2018 .

Mum and the weakest kitty passed on but the horror of the flu slowly creeped into our entire cattery of 52 cats .Forcing us to isolate every single cat up to today .

The donation will help to replace our 7 years old nebulizer , antibiotics started off with Doxycycline to Clavamox and Baytril now for the 4 remaining stubborn cases . We have been advised to administer the range of antibiotics progressively to avoid pitfall of antibiotic resistance .

Other medications include Bromhexine to dislodge flame , antihistamine for discomfort, Vit B complex snd Lysine and nebulizing with bronchial dilator medication when necessary .

We were thrilled to find cats accept Aloe Vera concentrates in their wet food and water . Aloe Vera builds up immunity and helps teeth gum supposedly.

Pilling 53 cats at least 6 times a day is a nightmare .

Ms GekLi , Save A Stray present

48 cats M – E – O – W – S and

All of us at Save A Stray truly appreciate your support that enables us to continue our community work .

Thank you .

2 senior cats of 17+ of cancer n total shutdown and one 12 yrs old from pneumonia + kidney failure

RIP last month.

All 5 cats were given decent burial in our Rehab centre garden .

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SaveAStrayMalaysia/photos/a.6599867..


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