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Most of us work full time and leaving your dog alone for long hours can have a negative impact on its behaviour and quality of life. Dogs and many other pets are capable of feeling bored out of their minds, just as humans are.

If you do have to leave your dog at home during the workday, keep it happy.

“The worst mental punishment a dog can be given is to be kept alone in a tightly confined space where nothing varies,” wrote biologist Desmond Morris in his book Dogwatching.

Here are some options for working pet parents :

- Use puzzle toys and other forms of enrichment to keep pets happy at home

- Work from home for part of the week, if possible

- Hire a pet sitter or dog walker

- Take your dog to a doggy daycare, where they can socialise with friends.

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SPCA Singapore

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Singapore) is the first registered animal welfare organisation in Singapore. The two main objectives of SPCA Singapore are: to promote kindness to animals and birds, and to prevent cruelty to animals and birds.

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