Happy Global Tiger Day. Check Out These Roarsome F..


Happy Global Tiger Day!

Check out these ROARsome facts about #malayantigers ! 🐯

🐯 The Malayan Tiger’s latin name ‘Panthera tigris jacksoni’ honours Peter Jackson, a famous tiger conservationist and scholar

🐯 Its Malay name is Harimau, or just Rimau

🐯 It’s amongst the smallest of tigers weighing at 100kg-120kg. Siberian tigers can weigh up to 360kg

🐯 There are three subpopulations on the Malay peninsula: Southern, Central and Northern

🐯 Northern populations can cross the border into Thailand

🐯 No two tigers have the same stripes

Did you know about these before? What other cool facts do you know about tigers? Comment below 👇


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