Project Ecowira Has Just Been Launched By Dr. Jane..


Project EcoWira has just been launched by Dr. Jane Goodall and we would like to thank our partners and sponsors for your incredible support in this project! 😊 LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd Yayasan Hasanah The Habitat Foundation

This is a pilot project aiming to enable Malaysian students to develop sustainable solutions for environment issues. In this project, The Roots & Shoots 4⃣-step formula for compassionate leadership, aligned to LeapEd’s learning approach and a locally relevant Environmental Literacy Curriculum (ELC) will be used to teach students applicable skills that are outside of their classroom 👨🏻‍🏫

Furthermore, Project EcoWira’s ELC is organically developed based on in-the-field knowledge gained by environmental NGOs 🐵🌳🐯🐢 as well as the authentic experiences of 2019′s Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award (RASMA) youth volunteers ☺

Once again, thank you to Dr Jane, our partners and sponsors for their continuous support! 💞

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