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Mohon bantuan utk puppy ni.klu dilihat,drpd jenis baka.collar pn masih ada di leher,tapi dan koyak rabak.keadaan daif sekali,dgn bulu tak terurus dan kulit ada yg tanggal.dia takut dhn org..dan sedih tengok mata dia..drpd cerita penduduk,puppy ni dulu bertuan,ditinggalkan lepas tuan dia berpindah tanpa collar pn ditanggalkan.

Lokasi:bukit baldwin,tapah,perak..area tf mart

Saya takda kepakaran nak tangkap,tapi saya boleh bantu kalau ada yg sudi hulurkan bantuan.pm saya.

Urgent help needed for this puppy.he’s not doing well.believed to be of mixed poodle breed.he’s scared of people and he has a hopeless look in his eyes.it’s gathered that he used to have owners who left him when they moved away,without even bothering to take his collar off.

Location:bukit baldwin around tf mart,tapah,perak

Really hope non-muslim animal lovers can help.i have no expertise to catch him,but i’m willing to help if anybody can save this poor soul and adopt him.pm me.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/MalaysianDogsDeserveBetter/photos/a..



Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is a canine welfare programme initiated by non-profit organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).

MDDB's main activities revolve around rescuing dogs from the local council pounds as well as off the streets. Once they have been rescued, the dogs are vaccinated and neutered before being put up for adoption.

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