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Milkshake ❤ (eng version below)


他终于摆脱烂脸的厄运了 💪

但小朋友过不久就要去动截肢手术了 … 一起为小Milkshake祈福 🙏🐶

当时皮肤病严重到整张脸都溃烂,又被车撞到前手180°扭曲的Milkshake,皮肤病已经好得7788了噢! 终于看到他呆萌的俊脸了 😊 (Milkshake的流浪过往 … shorturl.at/kltP5)

Milkshake是个超级温顺的孩子 ❤🐶 虽然他看到人总会开心的摇着尾巴,但样子总显得心事重重 … 😥 为什么这孩子开心不起来呢,我们想,或许是它扭曲的手让它辛苦了 …


商讨后最后决定为Milkshake截肢,截掉那支已经造成它负担和痛楚的手 …

手术排期在来临的14号 。不止为小朋友祈福手术顺利,我们也祈祷希望术后的他能找到一个家,一个爱他、让他天天笑口常开的家 🐶❤🏠 加油加油 奶昔





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Remember the puppy “Milkshake” that rescued down from Segamat? Milkshake will have an amputation surgery soon … Let’s pray for little Milkshake together 🙏🐶

At that time, the skin disease was so severe that his entire face was swollen and bleeding badly, and he was even hit by a car, his right hand was twisted and squashed 180 degrees.

(Milkshake’s story … shorturl.at/kltP5)

But now, Milkshake’s skin disease is getting so much better and almost recovered! Oh, and finally we saw his handsome face. 😁💕

Milkshake is a super obedient and tame boy❤🐶 Although he always shakes his tail when he sees people, but he just looks unhappy… 😥

Why can’t this furkid feel happy? We think that it’s probably because of his twisted hand that makes him suffer.

When we rescued Milkshake at that time, there was a large wound on his deformed right hand. The wound was healed after that, but as Milkshake kept pressing on it and he has gained much weight (Milkshake is still growing), the wound was constantly recurring, and he also has difficulty with walking. He’s getting tired easily after only a few steps and doesn’t want to move forward again.

After discussion, it was finally decided to amputate Milkshake’s twisted hand that had caused the burden and pain …

The surgery is scheduled on the coming 14th. Not only to pray for Milkshake’s surgery, we also pray that he can find a good home after the surgery, a family that loves him and makes him smile everyday.

Will you consider adopting this baby? Disabled furkid also longs for a home 🙏

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