Where Rare Turtles End Up In Pots


JAKARTA: The meat of a slaughtered endangered giant leatherback turtle was allegedly sold in a market in Sosorgadong in the Central Tapanuli regency, North Sumatra.

Weighing over 200kg and more than 2m in length, the female turtle was about to lay eggs at Binasi beach when it was killed, allegedly by a local resident, on Monday.

Sea turtles are wonderful creatures.

Who knows the sights they’ve seen in their long travels and in their presence we can but be in awe of these wonderful species.

One can only imagine the marvellous life of this species which have been spotted throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

However, one destination that a sea turtle should NEVER end up is the bottom of a pot yet as per this piece from NST Online such travesty is not uncommon in parts of the world.

We can help our leatherbacks, and other wildlife, survive to posterity.

Reach out to your local authority (Jabatan PERHILITAN Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah Wildlife Department, SARAWAK FORESTRY,…) or organisations like Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia to play a role in preserving the wonders of the world for our children.

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Source: https://www.nst.com.my/world/region/2020/01/552497/where-rar..



Turtle Conservation Society

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia was established in October 2011. The aim of the society is to bring about the recovery of depleted wild populations of turtles, with particular reference to freshwater turtles, in Malaysia through partnerships with like-minded organizations, individuals and local communities as well as through its own programs.

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