Bunny’s Check-Up Today


Today was Bunny’s check-up and I was nervous as the vet had said those with underlying problems like hyperthyroidism and high blood (such as Pole) and FIV might progress faster in this kidney disease.

Bunny is FIV+, has been since he was a kitten. He used to be very weak when young, taking a very long time to recover from the flu or any health problems. But his resistance and ability to heal seem to have improved over the years as he grew older.

Our trip to the vet’s.

I used Feliway, hoping to calm him down but it made no difference. He mewed as he always does, but mildly.

So, Bunny gained weight, and that’s good because any weight loss is not good, but he should actually just maintain his weight. He eats a lot, that is why.

So, blood was taken and we waited for the results.

Here we go:

Creatinine is 150 (stable, good). In March 2019, it was 181, to 199, to 170, to 199, to 134 in December 2019 and now, 150. Good enough.

Urea is 7.9 (good). In March 2019, it was 11.9, to 10.2 to 11.4, to 12.2, to 11.1 and now, 7.9!  All good.

Phosphate has remained at 1.44, which is normal and good.

The vet was really happy with Bunny’s readings and says there is nothing more we need to do or change, just continue doing what we have been doing, which is the twice-weekly subcut at 200ml. Bunny was never on any medicine for his kidney condition too.

And I must give credit to his raw diet again, this time, to Cubgrub, because Bunny is a Cubgrubber. Bunny eats all the flavours of Cubgrub: Chicken, Duck, Quail and Rabbit. He does eat Coco&Joe’s as a treat too. And of course, he gets Primal was sprinkles.

I have four CKD cats – Bunny, Indy, Cleo and Pole. The first three have shown good maintenance being on the raw diet. No deterioration. Only Pole’s disease progressed but this is because she is hyperthyroid and now has high blood pressure. More about this in the next post.

I am so relieved with Bunny’s results and so thankful to the raw diet.

Thank you, Cathy, for showing me the way. Thank you, Mr Ang of Coco&Joe’s for his incredible patience with my many questions and uncertainties. Thank you, Lin Li, for your wonderful Cubgrub made with so much love, care and commitment to want the very best for your clients.

All our cats are on Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and Primal (as sprinkles). Tabs, Ginger, Heidi and Bunny are partial to Cubgrub while Cow, Pole and Cleo prefer Coco&Joe’s. Indy wants both, 50-50 (that’s because he eats twice).

Bunny says a big thank you too!!

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/04/15/bunnys-check-up-today/




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