Minnie And Smurfy’s Adventures Continue


Here are some photos of our feeding sessions.

Both still have a ravenous appetite, especially little Smurfy. Minnie is not as hungry as before now.

The trouble with both is that they like to play and lounge in the middle of the road and they are both grey in colour. I had a hard time getting them to the side this morning. There are still cars passing through.

I finally had to lure them inside again with food. So, they had two breakfasts today.

This afternoon, as I brought Bunny out in the carrier, Minnie and Smurfy were in the porch waiting for food. Sometimes, they don’t come but they did today. A thought occurred to me – train them to eat inside the carrier?

But Minnie already heard Bunny mewing in the carrier, so she was wary of the contraption. Smurfy threw caution to the wind and just went inside. He/she is at that age where they don’t know danger. I think he is male, but I’m not sure. From his behaviour, he looks male. Very demanding and boisterous.

My plan is to take them to the vet for check-up, maybe deworming or vaccination and if Minnie is not pregnant, get her spayed. But I think Minnie is pregnant from the looks of it though I am not sure.

I’ve seen her clutching kittens walking up the road before. Maybe those kittens did not make it and only Smurfy is left. Poor things. And poor Minnie too. Gingertom must be the culprit.

Smurfy happily went in and out of the carrier and ate his food inside. But Minnie was smarter and refused to go in.  So I put the bowl at the entrance and let them eat as above.

This evening, again. Smurfy went in. Minnie did not. She was willing to forgo her food too, if I put the bowl too far inside.

Look at this little fellow.

He allows me to touch and even carry him. Before this, he totally evaded me. He’s very alert.

Let’s see if I can catch them tomorrow.

Another option is to let them come in through the front door. This might need some work, but would probably be easier than getting them into the carrier. I think I can get Smurfy, but Minnie won’t be so easy.

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