Tabs’ Nebulization


Tabs had two bouts of coughing today, so I decided to nebulize her.

I didn’t know what to expect as Ginger is an exceptional case. “The first cat ever to like sniffing in the fumes” was the vet’s description of Ginger when the nebulization was done at the clinic. Even at home, he does the same. Puts his nose at the outlet and takes it all in.

Some cats are known to go all crazy and hysterical too.

How would Tabs react?

Well, she did not like it and went to as far back as she could. I decided to open the door and put my hand inside, but soon, she hissed and knocked down my hand so I think some of the liquid must have spilled off.

I continued with my hand outside and it was over in about 10 minutes. It should take 20 minutes for 3ml of saline. So Tabs must have knocked some liquid off, but never mind, it’s good for a start.

Tabs: I’m not happy, but I will still sit properly with my hands together.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/04/15/tabs-nebulization/




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