Minnie And Smurfy Came Back For Lunch!!


It didn’t take long…..

Minnie was back at around 1pm to wait for lunch!!

I did not expect her to come back so soon, but I think my guess is correct about her perception of the entire Ops Subuh. I opened the door and they walked in by themselves. I did not force them. And while they were inside the house, there was no aggression or coercion of any kind. I let them explore and kept offering them food and toys. Finally, Minnie found a way out on her own free will. So, from their perspective (I hope!), I merely opened the door for them and closed it after that.

So, I am not viewed a threat or a hostile. I hope I am right.

I think I am because they came as close as before. There was no fear.

See? This close. No fear.

I expect Minnie to be definitely hungry as she had skipped her entire breakfast during Ops Subuh. So I gave her a lot more food. Smurfy had several breakfasts today – a few while in the house and one more after Ops Subuh because he stayed in the porch. It was Minnie who ran away. Smurfy probably thought it was all just a game.

All polished clean and Smurfy asked for more food.

By the way, Smurfy is male. I spotted his scrotum today. I was right. He is very boyish.

Minnie grooms Smurfy. She is a good mother. She reminds me of Daffodil.

They came for dinner as well, so all is good.

I’m so relieved they came back

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