Minnie’s FCoV Test Results


“Coronavirus” is a curse word these days, isn’t it?

So, to first clarify, the FCoV stands for Feline Coronavirus and it is an alpha strain. It also does NOT infect humans.

An article about the test: https://www.vet.cornell.edu/animal-health-diagnostic-center/veterinary-support/disease-information/feline-coronavirus

I requested the vet to do the FCoV test on Minnie when her ALT (liver) readings were high.

So, it’s done and the result is a “faint positive”.

According to the vet, she suspects Minnie got infected “a long time ago”.

Having had no experience with any cat diagnosed with FCoV except for Zurik’s, which, sadly mutated into FIP, I started reading up and later, asked the vet more questions.

Cats infected with FCoV normally presents with diarrhoea and in many of them, the disease resolves on its own. It’s no biggie for cats, but a minority with low immunity might further develop into FIP and that is really, really bad. The chances of recovery from FIP is extremely slim.  Zurik had 4 good months after diagnosis of FIP.

So my questions were:

1  Will it mutate into FIP later?
Ans: Only a small minority if their immunity is low

So, Minnie should be on some immune booster for life, ie. Vetri DMG.

2  Can Minnie infect other cats?
Ans: No, Minnie is not shedding the FCoV anymore now (Minnie tested a “faint positive”). As long as the cat is not having diarrhoea, they are not actively shedding the virus.

Note: The RT-PCR test is an antibody test.

3  Does Smurfy have to be tested for FCoV too?
Ans: No

4  Is it possible that Minnie may have liver shunt?
Ans: No

It’s raining now. In a way, I’m glad Minnie is at the clinic. Otherwise, I really don’t know where she and Smurfy would be when it rains. They probably have an adventurous life living out there on the street, but it comes with its dangers too. If the cats are totally healthy, that is fine. But if they are not, for eg., in Minnie’s case, a street life will not augur well for her.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/04/18/minnies-fcov-test-result..




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