Minnie And Smurfy Are HOME!!!


Minnie’s liver readings came down a little today, so she and Smurfy can come home!!

Actually Smurfy is only there to accompany Minnie. There’s nothing wrong with him. Smurfy received his first vaccination today and I opted for him to have the FeLV vaccination as well.

Smurfy’s vaccination card!

Minnie’s ALT readings went from 394 to 329 in two days. ALKP went from 50 to 34. Both are significant reduction, so the vet said she can come home. I will continue with the Clavamox twice a day and the Legalon (her liver supplement) once a day.  Recheck in one week’s time. Minnie cannot be vaccinated yet until her liver heals.

It’s bad timing, but my car broke down yesterday. Thank goodness I still have my trusty old Kelisa, so I’ve been going around in that.

We came home, uneventful. Minnie and Smurfy were very quiet in the car.

Once home, I put the entire carrier into the cage and opened the door. Minnie came out first, followed by Smurfy. I also prepared food and water, but they refused to eat.

They had probably eaten at the clinic.

Minnie tried to find ways to get out.

Ginger “sibuk”.

Heidi and Tabs came to visit too.

Now, Minnie is going to be caged until her liver heals completely, then if she is pregnant, we will let her deliver and after that, get her spayed. Until that happens, she cannot be let out.

So now I have to figure out just how she got out that day. I was busy chatting the kitchen and didn’t see her getting out.

Help me out here, please.  I can only think of three possibilities.

(A)  Did she jump onto the wooden basin and jump up to the grille (which is inclined at 45 degrees AND was Daffodil-proof) and heaved her herself up and out?  She was spotted at the front of the neighbour’s roof after she escaped.  It made sense how she landed up there if she escaped through this means. From the ledge, she could just take a small step onto the neighbour’s roof.

(B)  Did she dig a hole here and escape by squeezing out?  Daffodil did this before.

(C)  Smurfy escaped through this gap which I have now covered very securely from the bottom to the top. I saw Smurfy escaping/squeezing with difficulty out of this gap. If he did it, maybe he saw Minnie doing it?  But isn’t Minnie a bit too big to squeeze through here?

Please help me, do you think it’s (A), (B) or (C)?

They still refused to eat. But the clinic said they ate a lot overnight, and again between 10am and 12noon. So I guess they are not hungry yet.

Minnie defecated in the litter box just now. It was very well-formed stools.

The vet said Minnie is easy to handle if done gently, but Smurfy is defensive. So it goes to show that very likely Minnie has had human contact before whereas Smurfy has not. Smurfy is a stray-stray.

My guess is, perhaps after Minnie got pregnant, she was abandoned. She must have been a former pet.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/04/20/minnie-and-smurfy-are-ho..




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