Pole’s Small Meals


Pole did not look well this morning. I was a bit worried as she seemed much better yesterday and had already started eating on her own again.

I had to forcefeed her because the vet said she has to have food. Otherwise her gastritis would become worse. The problem with Pole is that she is an extremely choosy cat when it comes to food.

Pole and Cleo were our first cats to convert to a raw diet a few years ago. They just took to it instantly as though their primal instincts were intact (“yes, this is REAL food for cats”). But now, Pole just doesn’t want raw anymore. I suspect (and hope) it is because she is still associating the smell of raw food with her gastric pains.

So, Pole is now on an assortment of other foods. She is okay with AD but is fed-up of KD now. She is sometimes okay with Recovery but I suspect anything over 3 days old will be rejected by her. She needs her food “fresh”. The KD and Recovery had been open for 3 days, so that’s out now. I opened a new can of AD for her.

It wasn’t until almost 11am that Pole asked for food on her own.

I gave her the AD and she ate only a little bit. She wanted something different, I guess.

Yesterday, I went to the petfood store and bought several cans of Cindy’s Original (tender chicken, chicken with goat’s milk and tuna with goat’s milk, the latter two being totally blended into a mousse).

So, yes, Pole loved the mousse. It was something very different for her. That’s the key to getting her to eat now – something very different.

I have Ciao, but Pole doesn’t like it.

She had small meals throughout the day.

It’s good enough that she is able to eat on her own.

At 3pm.

I’m going to have to retrain her to eat raw food. So I put a little bit of raw beside her “something different” so that she would get used to the smell of raw food again.

Another small meal after dinner. Pole eats on the average of every two hours or so.

I’m looking forward to Pole eating raw again.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/04/24/poles-small-meals/




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