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I’ve been trying every few days to introduce Pole back to a 100% raw diet, specifically what she loved before, Coco&Joe’s, but I have not been successful.

It’s strange, though. Pole has been on 100% raw for YEARS. How couold she just decide she doesn’t want to eat raw anymore?

All because of the gastritis?

Well, I checked a few websites and it says that cats with gastritis should go on low-protein, low-fat food. It recommends bland food as well. Maybe I should just “listen” to Pole.

Well, I’ve tried giving her Coco&Joe’s but she would just end up vomiting it all out after about half hour or 45 minutes. I don’t think I should continue with this.

I have also given her Digestive Enzymes, but she vomits this out too.

My raw-feeding friend says I should just offer her Coco&Joe’s neat and nothing else because mixing can also cause vomiting. I know this. But….

(1)  The vet says she should not go hungry because she probably has gastric ulcers.

(2)  Pole refuses pure Coco&Joe’s or pure Cubgrub. She would just walk away and won’t eat. But note (1) – she should not go hungry.

The only way I have been able to get her to eat a bit of Coco&Joe’s is to mix it with Primal and Cindy’s mousse. But this always ends up with vomiting. Everything.

So, I’ve tried, but it hasn’t been successful.

I’ve resorted (for now) to give her what she can retain. I think it’s more important that she eats something than go hungry.

And she has suddenly become a canned food junkie now. She LOVES canned food. But I will mix some Primal into it.

I used the Primal calculator and Pole is supposed to eat 2 nuggets of Primal per day for maintenance of her 2.6kg weight. I’ll make sure she eats and retains 2 nuggets each day. The rest of the canned food is complementary.

I also need the mousse for her medicine – the Cystaid Plus, especially. This evening, I crushed the Papain, mixed it with Monge Tuna Chicken and she happily guzzled everything up.

At least after a full meal of canned food+Primal, she is happy and can rest.

Restful sleep, happy sleep, with a full stomach, even though it’s canned food with Primal.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/05/03/poles-diet/




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