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Sign up as a Roots and Shoots Award volunteer and join a global movement started by the legendary Dr Jane Goodall.

You will have the opportunity to volunteer onsite or online with Roots and Shoots Malaysia 😁

The Volunteer Programme includes:

Helping in the administrative works

Working together with Roots & Shoots Taiwan on an Online Global Campaign

Online Volunteer Programme:


Social Media management

Merchandise design

Selected volunteers will be trained in our eco-journalist program to create 1-2min videos on selected partner NGO

Sign up now at rootsandshootsaward.my




Daftar sebagai sukarelawan Roots and Shoots Award dan sertai gerakan global yang dimulakan oleh Dr Jane Goodall.

Anda berpeluang untuk menjadi sukarelawan di lokasi atau online dengan Roots and Shoots Malaysia 😁

Program Sukarelawan merangkumi:

Membantu dalam kerja-kerja pentadbiran

Bekerjasama dengan Roots & Shoots Taiwan membina sebuah kempen online antarabangsa

Program Sukarelawan Online:


Pengurusan Media Sosial

Sukarelawan terpilih akan dilatih dalam program eko-wartawan kami untuk membuat 1-2 minit video mengenai NGO rakan kongsi terpilih

Daftar sekarang di rootandshootsaward.my

Source: https://www.facebook.com/rootsandshootsmy/videos/27042546073..


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