These Two Kittens Were 2 Out Of Three That Were Re..


These two kittens were 2 out of three that were rescue from Putra Perdana before MCO. One kitten couldn’t make it. They had very bad diarrhoea and mange ( First 5 photos ) . The mother cat has been spayed and is with us now at the cattery. These two were too small to be given a mange jab, so we applied Neem oil ( Margosa oil ) on alternate day for about 2 weeks. The result is just amazing ! ( Last three photos ). If you see any cat or kitten with mange, you can apply neem oil on the affected area/s. And there is no more diarrhoea. They will be going for their 1st vaccination very soon.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/403709439694040/photos/a.5349468665..


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