Few Nights Ago, We Bumped Into This Friendly Littl..


Few nights ago, we bumped into this friendly little kitty, maybe about 5-6 weeks old on a street at Dutamas when we went to do our laundry at a laundry mat. He seemed like he was looking for food. We fed him some fish. According to a shop owner, he was dumped there. A kitten this small may not survive on his own in the streets so we took him home. He was very well mannered. He just sat there on the laundry basket or container all the way home. Please do not bump cats or dogs, it is a very irresponsible act. We understand sometimes, we may bump into young kittens or puppies on the streets and decide to help them by relocating them to hawker centres, wet markets or places there we think foods are abundance. This is not the way to help them. On the contrary, we’ll do more harm than good. By doing so, we are just moving the problem from one spot to another and it only get worse. The right way to help them is to foster them pending good homes. It requires some sacrifices to do so but in the end, it’s worth it.

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