Two Days Ago, We Went To Bukit Petaling To Trap A ..


Two days ago, we went to Bukit Petaling to trap a few dogs Adeline and Dennis have been feeding. There were 7 dogs but only 3 left according to Adeline. Sometime last week, during their normal feeding routine, 4 didn’t turn up. Puzzled, they asked the stall owners around if they’d know if anything happened to the 4 dogs, they were told by one of the business owners that DBKL came and caught them. We advised Adeline to go to DBKL pound to bail them out and send them to our panel clinic for quarantine. But they couldn’t not locate the 4 dogs at the pound and were told there wasn’t any catching activity recently at Bukit Petaling ! Something was just not right !

Fear for the remaining dogs’ safety, we try to trap them but they became very cautious. They didn’t even come close to the trap. Usually they feed them within 1-2 feet away. From the change of behaviour, we suspected something traumatic must have happened to them.

We would like to advise those who find stray dogs a nuisance, they are not a nuisance to start with. Please don’t hurt them. They mind their own business. Sometimes, they do bark at us as a sign of warning, that’s because they feel that you have evaded their territory. We’d be a fool and are asking for trouble if we still try to antagonise them. They would not attack unless provoked. We must remember, Humans have rights, animals too have rights. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t. We speak for them. We are supposed to protect them, not harming them. Be compassionate.

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