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Last week Friday we went to Bandar Baru Bangi to trap some cats that are fed by Nini and Nora ( the last picture ). There are about 10 cats which Nini is feeding and the neighbours are perfectly fine with the cats living at the back lane. Not only that, they were even curious to know more about tnr program and they even chipped in to fund the neutering costs for these cats according to Nini. Why there are people who could accept the reality that strays are a part of our community and that we are inseparable in this ecosystem. Lack of education and awareness is the answer. We don’t mean education as in academically, someone with a PhD in certain field may fail to have compassion towards the strays. If only they had a chance to associate with cats and dogs at a point in their lives, one thing we guarantee, they will eventually fall in love with them. But even then, it doesn’t mean they will start to have compassion towards the stray dogs and cats. When one says he or she is a dog or cat lover or both, one should love all kinds of cats or dogs or both regardless of breed including strays. They are the ones that need our attention and love the most because they are homeless, they don’t know when is their next meal going to be and where does it come from. A meal to us is most probably nothing, we can skip a meal and nothing major happens to us but a meal to them is their whole world. Through our journey in our works, we are pleased to learn that there are in fact many people who feed the strays around but there are also a lot of people who told them not to feed ! Why ? It comes down to selfishness. Because they couldn’t stand the sight and smell of pee and poo. Because they felt threaten etc. It’s true that feeding without neutering worsen the the problem of stray overpopulation. So make sure you get them neutered too on top of feeding them.

Thanks so much Nini and neighbours and Nora for helping the cats and also for sponsoring their neutering costs.

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