Siew Fong And Family Are Feeding About 10 Dogs 1st..


Siew Fong and family are feeding about 10 dogs ( 1st picture, 6 females and 4 males ) at their place at Jalan Loke Yew and she contacted us for help to catch and neuter them. This morning we went over and managed to get two female dogs. They have been sent to our panel clinic for spaying. We will go again for others. Thanks so much Siew Fong for helping them and also for sponsoring their neutering costs.

At the moment, we are short handed so if we haven’t set a date to go over to help you to catch the cats or dogs you have been feeding, please be patient and bear with us. We apologise for our shortcomings.

And for those who wish to give back to society, commit yourself and join us as members, so more strays can be helped, please pm us. You’re most welcome to do so. Thank you.

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