Today Is An Important Day - It Is Global Tiger Day..


Today is an important day – it is Global Tiger Day. And we need to talk about these urgent facts:

1) There are fewer than 150 tigers left in the wild at optimistic estimates. Compare that number with the number we had in the 1950’s – over 3000.

2) Which means, in just 7 decades, we have efficiently and effectively wiped out 95% of the Malayan Tiger population. At this rate of decline, many calculate that it is only 3 – 5 years before we successfully eradicate the Malayan Tiger from our jungles, making them extinct in the wild.

Malaysia lost its last rhino last year – making them extinct in our lands. It would be a terrible loss if tigers went that way too.

But there is still time for you to act!

Our tiger NGOs need your help now more than ever before. Support, donate, participate, volunteer, share the message. Every little effort will count.

@rimau_ngo has teamed up with the Royal Belum State Park to train and equip the Orang Jahai with modern and efficient patrolling techniques to help cripple the illegal poaching efforts deep in the jungles of Belum. Please check them out and support them.

@mycat.so is working with the Bateq people to restore a vital jungle corridor linking over 2.5 million hectares of rainforest to enable our tigers to roam and have more living space. Please check them out and support them.

Always report any wildlife you see on sale in social media to @perhilitan_malaysia whether it is baby monkeys, pangolins or birds. Chances are they were caught in traps and snares that were also placed to trap tigers.

Screen shot it and report it!

And most importantly, keep engaging with one another. Keep sharing the message.

We can do this! Our tigers, our Malayan Tigers are depending on us 🐅

Source: https://www.facebook.com/rootsandshootsmy/photos/a.212245339..


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