On Thursday, We Went To Setia Walk Puchong Cat Tra..


On Thursday, we went to Setia Walk Puchong cat trapping. Li Lian contacted us for help to catch and neuter the cats she has been feeding. There were about 20 cats there and just week before this, the management rounded up some cats and discarded them somewhere not too far. Some of the adult cats managed to find their way back. We have told many residential managements, landed and high rise, schools etc that its useless to do that because cats ( and dogs ) are territorial animals, when they are removed from their natural habitat, it creates and vacuum, new cats ( or new dogs ) will occupy the area in no time. If they call the local councils to remove them, it’s going to be a vicious cycle of catch and kill. Dear members of the public who don’t like strays, by calling the local councils to remove them is only a temporary solution. No animals should die because you can’t stand the smell of their pee and poo, they scratch your vehicles or you feel threaten by them etc there are ways to solve these problems rather than killing them. Be a compassionate soul.

That day we managed to get 6 cats ( 3 females and 3 males ). One of the female cats ( last picture , we didn’t have a carrier ) were injured when her hind legs got stuck in an escalator days ago. They have been sent to our panel clinic for treatment and neutering.

Thanks so much Li Lian for helping them and also for sponsoring their neutering costs.

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