When We Were Cat Trapping At Setiawalk Puchong On ..


When we were cat trapping At Setiawalk Puchong on Thursday, one of the cleaners found these two kittens and she brought them to us. If we don’t take them , they would be put back to where they were found. How could we not ?! Don’t think they could survive on their own. Look at them, they are so darn cute ! So we are fostering them pending good home. It’s not a good idea if we keep taking in but it’s not like we had a choice.

On another note, we are always short handed and we need more committed individuals to join our team. We don’t mean volunteers but as our members. Be prepare for what comes your way if you decide to advocate for the strays. Wherever you are in Malaysia, we need you. If you think you’re ready, please write to us. Thank you.

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