This Female Dog Came To Mr Wong About Three Weeks ..


This female dog came to Mr Wong about three weeks ago at Serdang. She was in heat, a male dog followed her. Mr Wong started feeding them out of love and compassion for them. This is not the first time Mr Wong has called us for help with the neutering of strays. When we went there this afternoon, the male dog wasn’t around so we only got the female and sent her to our panel clinic for spaying. We will go back for the male later. If you see strays, please feed them. Feeding strays without neutering will in fact worsen the problem of overpopulation because with regular source of food, they get healthier and breed faster. Please write to us if you’re a feeder to either stray cats or dogs or both. We can help to catch them.

Thanks so much Mr Wong for sponsoring her spaying cost.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/403709439694040/photos/a.5349468665..


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