Monkey Jack Fruit Or Known As Buah Jias By The Ora..


Monkey jack fruit or known as buah jias by the Orang Asli Jahai and Temiar communities in Belum-Temengor Forest Complex is a wild species of the breadfruit/jackfruit genus. It may also be referred to by many local names such as jas/perian/keledang/nangkakera/temponek. The tree can grow up to a height of 45 meters hence harvesting the fruits requires impressive climbing skills.


The sweet and sour flavoured, orange flesh of the buah jias is considered a delicacy by many Orang Asli. They usually bring their families along to the forest in the early morning to harvest the fruits together. Once they return to the village in the evening, the women in the group will cook the fruit using their traditional methods, cooked in bamboo over a fire. Following tradition, they enjoy sharing food and eating together outside under the trees. The seeds of the fruits can even be deliciously roasted to eat.




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