Last Sunday, We Released The 5 Out Of 6 Cats We Ca..


Last Sunday, we released the 5 out of 6 cats we caught for neutering at Setiawalk Puchong. When during offloading the cats from our car at the underground car park, this little kitty came meowing to us. She was hungry. We gave her a Whiskas pouch wet food, one pack not enough, a second pack. We’re not sure how she ended up at the basement parking and it’s not conducive for living, we took her with us. Prior to this, we have suggested to Li Lian, the feeder to approach Setiawalk Management and speak to them about TNR program and we received this great news from Li Lian. We couldn’t be happier to know that, Setiawalk management welcomes the implementation of TNR Program and we are happy for the cats there.

Anyone who’d like to contribute either cat, dog, kitten or puppy canned food, please leave a comment or pm us. And please help to send them to our panel clinic, KM Animal clinic and Surgery at Batu Caves. Reason being that we may not be free to accept your kind contributions. Thank you.

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