Meet Smoochie. She Was Sitting At The Busy Entranc..


Meet Smoochie.

She was sitting at the busy entrance of an office building at lunch hour.

One of our members picked her up. She miawed and nuzzled at her face as if she wanted to kiss. She seemed either an abandoned cat or an unusually friendly stray. We could not bear to leave such a trusting, adoring cat outdoors to survive.

Our member had work at the office all afternoon. Smoochie sat at her desk and attended all her meetings, behaving impeccably. At one point, Smooch-cat decided to walk around and explore. She ran up to cat-lovers and non-cat-lovers alike, offering head butts and purrs. We told her that this may be breaking office policy. She seemed to understand and curled up quietly in a spare chair for the rest of the day.

It was past 7 pm before Smoochie could be taken to a foster home. In the grab-ride, she rose on her hind legs in our member’s lap, and made biscuits with her fore-paws on our member’s chest.

Sharence of Cheras reached out to us and adopted Smooch-girl. Our last two photos show Smoochie in the first evening at her forever home, snuggling her new mama and star gazing.

Thank you Sharence for opening your heart and home to this angelic cat.

Thank you Aileen, for agreeing at a moment’s notice to take in Smoochie for fostering.

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