Responsible Comunity Cat/dog Feeding Guidelines. 1..


Responsible Comunity Cat/Dog Feeding Guidelines

1. If you have time to read just one thing, we want it to be this. DO NOT LITTER. The biggest reason we hear for attempts to get rid of stray animals is left-over food and wrappers by feeders. For reasons we can’t fathom, even in places littered with human trash, the littering from feeding animals is not accepted. Be that as it may, since litter of any kind is unsightly and unhygienic, use paper or disposable containers. Clear up after, as far as possible.

2. Do not throw food at dogs from moving vehicles. Stop, get out of the vehicle and feed. Throwing food trains dogs to run after moving vehicles, barking. That gets mistaken for aggression (justification to get rid of strays) or leads to accidents with moving vehicles.

3. Apart from commercial cat/dog food, if you see a hungry animal you can provide cooked meat. Cats don’t need much carbohydrate. For dogs, you can also feed biscuits (not too sweet), cooked rice and vegetables. Avoid: dried fruit, chocolate, foods with xylitol as ingredient, spicy food, food high in sugar, cooked bones, milk and dairy. Cooked bones can splinter causing internal injury. Lactose tolerance is fairly common among animals.

4. Try to provide clean water, especially if feeding dry food.

5. If you feed regularly, the cats or dogs are likely to develop dependence on your food supply. Team up with like-minded feeders in the vicinity if possible. If circumstances warrant that someone needs to stop, the other(s) can take over. Social media is a great way to find feeders in your locality.

6. Feeders are frequently asked to stop. Signs saying ‘do not feed’ are put up. Don’t give up. Feeding animals in public places is not an offence. Be firm but do not lose your temper at objections. After you leave, the animals may bear the brunt. Hinting politely about posts on social media about animal cruelty tends to work. Engage the building management to reason with them. We can help you negotiate ways for animals and humans to coexist, if you rope us in.

7. If you feed regularly in a locality (and we hope everyone reading does), neuter and release to the same area. Animal population, especially with a regular food source, can grow rapidly. When the animal density is too high, attempts to thwart calls to the pound to take away animals becomes even more challenging. We have limited capacity and can’t respond instantly, but we do our best if you message us to help with trapping and neutering. If the animal is friendly, put them in a carrier and take them to a vet. Contact us for getting this done at special pricing from our panel clinics if you wish.

8. When feeding dogs be cautious about triggering food fights between two packs living in close proximity. Feed each pack on their own turf.


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