Why You Should Adoptdontshop. 1. Breeding Is Cruel..


Why you should #adoptdontshop

1. *Breeding is cruel*

Most breeders prioritise profit over care of animals. Animals used for breeding are frequently kept in terrible, cramped and dirty conditions. Sick animals are denied veterinary care. Lack of social interaction and caging leads to immense stress on animals that repeatedly produce litter after litter. The kittens or puppies being sold are just products to the breeder. Many breeders are known to ‘euthanise’ unsold animals.

2. *Get an animal-companion, not a breed.*

When you adopt, you can pick based on the animal’s unique personality rather than a superfluous desire for a specific type of appearance.

3. *Mixed breeds are superior to pure breeds in health.*

Mixed breeds tend to be healthier, leading to less veterinary bills. Many pure breeds are not really breeds that occur naturally, but genetic manipulation to achieve a certain look. This often leads to health problems. For example, pugs and flat-faced cats are prone to respiratory issues. Dachshunds and munchkin cats are prone to spinal problems.

4. *Breeding brings more animals into a world that has an ‘over-supply’.*

There are too many loving, innocent animals in shelters and with rescuers that need good homes. If you adopt, you help rescuers and shelters to help more animals.

5. *Consequences of buyer’s regret.*

Often, animals are bought on impulse by people who don’t realise what it takes to care for a pet. People who want a breed are often looking for a toy to show off. Many are abandoned, surrendered to shelters, or neglected when the novelty wears off. Even if you would never do this yourself, know that supporting breeders allows this to happen.

6. *Impart the right values.*

Have you thought about what a caged animal in a pet shop has to endure? Do they look happy? When you buy an animal from a pet shop for your child, you are teaching your child that it is okay to ignore the suffering of an animal to satisfy the selfish need for a pet.

If you do not condone human trafficking, think about why breeding and selling animals is acceptable. ‘Pet trafficking’ may not be illegal, but is it ethical?


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