Another 2 Cats Female And Male From Setiawalk Puch..


Another 2 cats ( female and male) from SetiaWalk Puchong were caught and sent for neutering on Sunday and yesterday respectively. A kitten with leg injury ( 3rd picture ) was picked up and sent for check up and vaccination. Up to date, 20 adult cats were caught and neutered and 8 kittens were picked up and fostered pending good homes . Four kittens have been adopted so far.

According to the head of security at SetiaWalk, Mr Navin, there are another 5 cats ( 3 males and 2 females , one is nursing ) to be caught for neutering.

If you have just started to follow us , SetiaWalk management has agreed to work with us on implementing TNR. We have been working closely together in controlling the cat population there. Prior to this , SetiaWalk received many complaints on irresponsible feeders leaving paper or plastic plates behind after feeding the stray cats, thus messing up the place. If you are one of the feeders there, we thank you for reaching out to them but please be a responsible feeder. The management has identify a few spots as feeding areas, please approach the management to find out on the location of these feeding spots and please follow the SOP.

Big thanks to Li Lian and Mr Navin , all these wouldn’t have happened without you guys and heartfelt gratitude to Li Lian for sponsoring all the neutering and medical costs which amounted to about Rm6k and counting.

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