3月至今遭弃养猫狗剧增 Hope希望护生园疫中求存


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没错,相信每一个非营利团体都是在疫中奋力的求存 …

这边也小小纠正一下 …. 🙏我们是每一天都接获2-3通弃狗举报,而非每星期

而要求拯救浪浪的求救则每天高达8-10通,疫情爆发以来弃狗率真的非常夸张!狗主滞留新加玻、要搬进新加玻工作、因失业而没有经济能力继续养狗等等等,都让收容所在面对可怕经济压力的同时,也面对街头流浪猫狗数量暴增、求救量暴增的绝境 ….

明白大家都不容易,但养宠物最重要的就是一份责任心,养宠物也一定要有PLAN B!如果真的无法继续饲养,就要有Plan B (寻找亲戚或朋友照顾),或为毛小孩寻找下一个可靠的新领养人,而不是不负责任的丢在街上,宠物是生命不是垃圾。



Thank you very much for the report of Sin Chew Daily, but here is also a small correction … We receive 2-3 calls to report of abandoned dogs every day, but not every week.

And the number of calls to rescue injured or sick strays are as high as 8-10 calls per day. The rate of abandoning pets since the pandemic outbreak is really exaggerated!

With the reasons of dog owners stucking in Singapore, moving to Singapore to work, being unemployed and unable to afford to continue raising dogs, etc., have caused shelters to face financial pressures while also facing a severe surge in the number of abandoned pets and endless desperate SOS calls for help …

We totally understand the current situation is not easy for everyone, but the most important thing to keep a pet is a sense of responsibility, and a PLAN B for your pet is a MUST!

If you really can’t keep taking care of your pet, you must have Plan B (look for relatives or friends to take care of them), or find the next reliable new adopter for the furkid, instead of throwing them on the street irresponsibly. Pets are life and not garbage. BE RESPONSIBLE.





Source: https://www.sinchew.com.my/pad/con/content_2378576.html



HOPE Johor

Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter that aims to improve welfare of strays and abandoned pets around Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our four core missions are rescuing, re-homing, sterilization and increasing public awareness of pet ownership and responsibilities. Currently, we are caring for approximately 700 abandoned animals in our shelter located at Lima Kedai.

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