On Thursday, We Went Over To Sungai Besi To Trap A..


On Thursday, we went over to Sungai Besi to trap a mother dog Ally has been feeding. When we reached the venue, we saw many dogs there, easily more than 50 ! they don’t particularly belong to any of the workshops there but the people there feed them and we were thinking why not get all of them neutered ? We talked to a person at one of the workshops ( they have about 20-30 dogs ) and he agreed for us to neuter the dogs after some pep talk. So we went over this morning getting ready to ferry some dogs for neutering and they changed their mind. We will try to find ways to talk to them again.

Anyhow, we went ahead with the trapping of the mother dog ( black and brown ) Ally is feeding and we managed to get her and another female dog there.

There’s another workshop that has 9 dogs, Ally has talked to the owner of the shop and they are receptive to TNR the dogs. Today, the workshop is closed , we will get those for neutering another day.

Thanks so much Ally for helping the dogs there and for sponsoring the mother dog. We need your help to sponsor the other female dog we caught. Rm355. If you can sponsor, please leave a comment or pm us. Thanks so much in advance.


MAYBANK Account Number 512558325774

Swift Code : MBBEMYKL

Thank you so much

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