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Yesterday, while the MBI workers are doing their daily jobs, their lorry were halted by a young Chinese man. He then proceeded to hand them a dog and left in a hurry before the workers could question more about this situation.

It wasn’t hard to capture the dog. All they had to do is just open the cage and the dog walked inside without any command. MBI were touched by the dog’s obedience, so they handed the dog to ISPCA instead of releasing it into a landfill, hoping that it can find a better home.

After observing the dog for two days in our ISPCA shelter, it is very obedient and understands our voice commands. It also has heterochromia (two different eye colors), making it a very special addition to its future family.

Anyone interested, please contact us for adoption of this dog. Only serious adoptees, as we won’t allow another abandonment for this little fellow.

Research shown that one pet will be abandoned every hour in Malaysia. We sincerely hope that everyone can be responsible for the pets’ life. Abandoning it is the same as killing it.

昨天,MBI执法组在进行日常工作时,他们的卡车被一名年轻的华裔男子阻止。 然后递给他们一只狗,之后匆匆离开,执法组追问他时,该男子只说我不要这只狗了,你们带走他吧?

执法组抓这狗并不难。 他们只是打开笼子,这狗没有任何命令就自己走进了里面。 狗狗的服从感动了MBI,因此他们决定将狗交给ISPCA,而不是将其释放到垃圾填埋场,并希望它能找到更好的家。

在我们的ISPCA庇护所里观察了两天后,牠非常听话,并能理解我们的语音指令。 它还具有异色症(两种不同的眼睛颜色),使其成为未来家族中非常特殊的成员。

任何有兴趣的人,请与我们联系以收养这只狗。 只开放于认真的收养者,因为我们不希望这个小家伙再被抛弃。

研究表明,在马来西亚,每小时都会有主人丢弃一只宠物。 我们衷心希望每个人都能为宠物的生命负责。因为 弃养宠物等同杀死牠一样。

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The Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (The ISPCA), is a non-profit organisation formed under the Societies Act, 1966 of Malaysia. We are affiliated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), London.

Our no-kill Shelter is located at Lot 38642, 4 1/2 Milestone, Jalan Gopeng, 31300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and nestles amongst beautiful limestone hills. Currently we are guardian to approximately 250 dogs and 80 cats at our Shelter.

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