New Coronavirus Detected In Patients At Malaysian Hospital; The Source May Be Dogs


21 May 2021

Statement from Datin Dona Drury Wee, President of SSPCA

As stated in the original article from Dr Gregory Gray, the samples tested were human samples taken in 2017 and 2018 and stored in a lab for future research. These were tested and found to have what appeared to be a new canine coronavirus. No information is given as to what kind of contact the patients had with dogs, and his other colleague, a virologist, Dr Vlasova, mentions that it is still early and the virus study has not shown any “evidence yet of transmission from human to human”.

The other virologist Zhang XuMing says, “It’s too early to call this new virus a human pathogen,” They have not conducted tests to show that the new corona virus causes any pneumonia. Coronaviruses can cause a range of diseases from the common cold to more severe cases such as the Covid 19 that we are all battling against now.

Some viruses are spread through contact with fecal matter, rather than just coming into direct contact with the animal. Scientists estimate that there are thousands of yet undiscovered coronaviruses in the environment around us.

And they are constantly mutating which is the reason why you have to have your influenza vaccinations annually, because last year’s vaccination wont work on this year’s viral strain. This is why the medical faculty says we may need to take our Covid19 vaccinations annually as well.

One thing all coronaviruses do have in common is that they are able to be killed with disinfectants on contact surfaces. SSPCA has always advised pet owners, or anyone handling animals, to always wash your hands properly with soap and fresh water, and to always ensure that the area where your pets live in are kept clean and washed daily with soap or a diluted vinegar and soap mixture.

Bathe your pets regularly to keep them clean, and make sure that they too get their annual vaccinations to keep them disease free. Our pets and their healthcare and well being are our responsibility.

Healthy Pets Healthy Homes.


A previously unknown novel coronavirus capable of infecting people has been discovered in Borneo, says a team of researchers from Duke University.

Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/05/20/9965157..



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