Loyal Subjects May We Present Regal Siblings Princ..


Loyal subjects! May we present regal siblings Prince Ginger Nut and Princess Chocolate Brownie. As they come as a sweet, royal package, their ideal outcome is to be adopted together if possible.

Like all siblings, they love to play fight together and while Prince is slightly more confident, his little sister, Princess, doesn’t let him forget who’s really boss. But it’s all just fun and games for this playful pair. Inquisitive and affectionate, they provide hours of entertainment at play, and equally love a fuss and a chin scratch – this particularly brings on Prince’s tractor-like purr, so you’ll be in no doubt about just how much he loves you! He literally wears his heart on his chest – a perfect heart shape in white there to match his white belly. Princess loves to roll over and show you her equally enchanting tummy and will do so at the drop of a treat, once you have passed the security (trust) checks!

If you are able to provide these 10-month old regal siblings with their perfect palace (ie. a warm loving home), fine dining (ie. kibbles!) and the love and affection they deserve, they are ready to let you love them and of course you will get the royal seal of approval in return!

Those interested and are able to meet the following conditions, please feel free to watsap 0163661388 for queries:

1. A genuine, caring and responsible owner who is able to provide Prince & Princess a permanent loving home locally.

2. Agrees to vaccinate Prince & Princess regularly every year.

3. Brings Prince & Princess for medical treatments immediately when sick or injured.

4. Must not keep them inside cage and must allow them to roam freely inside the house.

5. If you have existing cats at home, all cats must already be neutered.

Location : Puchong, Selangor.

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