Neutered Male Adult English Bulldog For Adoption. ..


Neutered male adult English Bulldog for adoption.

One of our members came across this dog during a TNR mission. It was in extremely poorly condition with a neglected maggot wound on his bum, cherry eye, and was chained up without proper shelter. Everything has been fixed and healed now by us. The previous owner has obviously did not understand what owning a dog meant.

Before you jump on adopting just because it is a pure breed (majority of people out there are still “breedist” and love to ask what breed and pedigrees are still the most sought after), please ask yourself if you can commit to the dog FINANCIALLY, PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY for the next 15 YEARS at least. No BS excuses for returning, mistreating, abusing, neglecting. Seriously. Do not contact the number unless you can SERIOUSLY give this dog a FANTASTIC, loving, FOREVER home. Dogs are not toys or inanimate disposable objects that can be used to your whims and fancies, to satisfy temporary boredom, to take photos for social media and to boast you have a pure breed for your own narcissistic ego, etc. They are to be loved, treated and respected as your own child and part of your family forever once you adopt.

That being said, if you still think you’d make a good parent to this bulldog who has through enough hardship in his life, please WhatsApp 012-9696573. Location Selayang.

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