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7tea1 x TCS

We are thrilled to announce our first partnership with SevenTeaOne, a well-known social enterprise that provides a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for differently-abled and marginalised communities.

Our ladies in Kg. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman produced the gorgeous batik drawstring pouches for 7tea1′s tea bags. These pouches are reusable, if not for tea bags, they could be reused in so many other ways.

By engaging the ladies in Kemaman, 7tea1 reduces their consumption of craft boxes, which users do not typically reuse due to their bulky size. This simple action directly reduces the amount of trash sent to the landfills too!

Get your Chinese New Year food hampers and/or gifts from 7tea1 and directly benefit and empower not just one, but two communities!

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Turtle Conservation Society

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia was established in October 2011. The aim of the society is to bring about the recovery of depleted wild populations of turtles, with particular reference to freshwater turtles, in Malaysia through partnerships with like-minded organizations, individuals and local communities as well as through its own programs.

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